2022 – double-digit growth again

The market is rewarding the realignment of the BRUGG Group that took place in 2020. Following a strong previous year, sales rose by 11 percent to 640 million Swiss francs. The globally active industrial group was also able to increase profits once again.

With the sale of the high-voltage division in 2020, the BRUGG Group adopted a new strategy. Since then, all the Group’s activities have focused on three megatrends: energy transition, sustainability and infrastructure protection. Obviously, the company is on the right track with this. In 2021, a sales increase of 12 percent had already been achieved. Following another pleasing fiscal year in 2022, total sales now stand at around 640 million Swiss francs.

Fatzer, manufacturer of ropeway and architectural ropes, achieved sales of slightly over 50 million in 2022. This corresponds to sales growth of 23 percent. Drivers of the increased demand included the resurgence in tourism following the Corona pandemic.

Geobrugg develops and produces high-strength protective nets against natural hazards and for underground mining, as well as motor sports fences for Formula 1 and other racing series. As its newest mainstay, the company was able to install its first erosion protection projects with stainless nets in the area of coastal protection. Thanks to its successful positioning worldwide, the growing need to better protect the population and infrastructures from natural disasters, and the further development of its portfolio, Geobrugg increased its sales by 8 percent to 177 million Swiss francs.

BRUGG Lifting strengthened its market position as a developer and producer of elevator ropes, wire ropes and lifting equipment in all three companies (Switzerland, USA and China). Sales increased by around 3% to 93 million Swiss francs in the past fiscal year. Among other things, BRUGG Lifting benefited from the trend towards denser construction (high-rise buildings and urbanization).

BRUGG Pipes, supplier of pipe systems for heating and cooling, is in line with the trend towards decarbonization and optimal use of energy with its problem solutions. Under the pressure of rising energy prices, the public sector, as the owner of infrastructure facilities, is accelerating its investments in this area. This also applies to industry. BRUGG Pipes‘ sales increased by 16 percent to 216 million Swiss francs.

Rittmeyer, which specializes in process control systems in the water, wastewater and energy supply sectors, is encountering growth limitations in the small market of Switzerland and in neighboring countries. It will therefore become even more international in the future. Because supply bottlenecks for semiconductor products and microchips led to delays in projects, especially in the first half of the year, sales for 2022 were slightly lower. It amounted to CHF 66 million (minus 3.1 percent). The order backlog, on the other hand, increased by 15 percent.

BRUGG eConnect as the Group’s newest mainstay BRUGG manufactures special cables for industry as well as cable systems for wind energy and e-mobility. Within three years, sales in this division have doubled, reaching 34 million Swiss francs in 2022 (up 35 percent). BRUGG eConnect recorded the fastest growth in the e-mobility sector, where a new technical record was set in 2022 with a DC charging cable that allows power currents of up to 3000 amperes.

BRUGG Real Estate manages and develops the Group’s real estate and land reserves. Now that the striking Centurion high-rise at Brugg railroad station is fully occupied, project planning is underway for two residential developments and the BRUGG industrial park in Birr (AG). The turnover of BRUGG Real Estate is 8 million Swiss francs (plus 6 percent).

Sustainability internally as well
With its products and problem solutions, the BRUGG Group is focusing on the megatrend of sustainability – and is also aligning its internal values and processes with its goals. In the year under review, the foundations were laid for implementing a sustainability strategy that takes into account all three components: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. The programs for this are already underway. With the 2023 Annual Report, the Group will publish a comprehensive sustainability report for the first time.

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