Watersupply under the influence of climate change

Global warming is also affecting Switzerland and poses new challenges for the water management in this country.. Despite increasingly longer periods of drought, and more frequent extreme weather events, such as heavy rain and less snowfall, water companies must at all times be capable of providing sufficient volumes of water to the necessary quality standard.

At the national level, however, there is still hardly any information on the water demand and the water supply. Such data has been collected in part, but its format differs from canton to canton. This lack of data consolidation is making it difficult for the national and local governments to identify potential conflicts and risk areas so that they can take appropriate action. For a national water demand monitoring and/or a cantonal or regional water management, a holistic database is essential. A modern and open data platform, would make it possible to collect all relevant data centrally and to process it in such a way that produces actionable information for the responsible authorities.

Rittmeyers white paper uses three relevant questions as examples to show how the data on municipal infrastructure assets already available today could be used to provide answers for higher-level water management. More information: https://rittmeyer.com/en/instrumentation/company/news/whitepaper-watersupply-under-the-influence-of-climate-change